Friday, 17 November 2017

Friday Smiles

Happy Friday Everyone,

Not such a good day weather wise today - the sky is too cloudy, it's more than a little breezy and it's cold but I can still see the hills from my perch and the birds are still busy doing flitting from tree to tree and roof to roof. All-in-all, a good day to join in with Annie's Friday Smiles.

So here's what's been cheering me this week.

My great-niece Arihanna's school photo. The quality isn't good because it's a copy of the original but it still shows what a pretty girl she is and I just love her gappy grin.

A work in progress for the EM. He's very thoughtfully creating an additional dry graveled path for the lady of the house, that'll be me, to step on to from the passenger side of the car. No more muddy feet!

Also a very thoughtful gift from one of the members of UKPC, Sue. The challenge for this month was the number three. This could be interpreted any way you like. Sue's interpretation was to send three sets of three ready-made festive card toppers together with her card. All I need to do now is pop them onto card bases. Brilliant!

And finally ...
... despite the temperature outside getting increasingly colder this pot of cyclamen keeps on blooming and makes a very cheery greeting on the front doorstep.

That's my smiles this week. Hope you've had a week full of smiles too.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 441

Hello Everyone,

It's a lovely day here. The weather isn't terrible for November, the birds are happily flitting around the garden, sometimes landing on the rowan tree that is in my direct line of vision. Right now there's a coal tit tucking into a peanut pinched from the squirrel feeder. The sky is clear enough too that I can see over the rooftops to the Carrick hills in the distance. Added to all that it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Perfection!
And for a change there's lots of stuff on my desk too. I've made a card ... though I can't share it with you just yet ... and I've made a start on another. So there's a pile of dies and leftover scraps to the left and a stamped image from the Winter Woodland set of stamps that is visible on the right. It came free with a new magazine but I'm blessed if I can tell you the title as I can't lay my hands on it at the moment - it's possibly Crafts Beautiful. I don't buy papercrafting magazines all that often now as, frankly, I have enough piled up to last me a lifetime but this one caught my eye for the little creatures in the stamp set. There's a deer, rabbit, squirrel, hedgehog, a pair of owls and several little birds - all the kind of stamps I'll use many times.

Elsewhere in Casa Worthington:
Not a desk, but the coffee table ... in front of the sofa where I relax with a bit of needlework of some sort most evenings. This a pretty simple garter stitch pattern knitted from a yarn cake brought back from the SECC Glasgow hobby craft show a couple of weeks back. Just a few more inches to go and it will be done.
I've always got more than one project on the go. No surprise there - I think most of us do the same. This hexagon throw has taken me the better part of the year to get to this point ... just the border to complete now. I crochet until my thumb aches, rest for a while, then pick up the knitting which, if I'm honest, is a bit of a breeze compared with the crochet - requiring, as it does, very little concentration.

Well, I hope our Head Desker, Julia, doesn't despair too much at the length of my post today. I've wittered on a bit but I seem to be back in crafting mode so there's a lot to share.

Have a great WOYWW and a wonderful week ahead.

Monday, 13 November 2017

In A Vase On Monday - The Last of the Roses

I wasn't going to join in with In A Vase On Monday today, at just 2 degrees above freezing it was too cold to venture out into the garden, that was until I read it was the 4th Anniversary of Cathy's meme - I couldn't let that pass without celebrating. Like so many, I have to admit that this weekly display of vases has made a difference to the way in which I view the plants and flowers I grow in my garden. Not that I've been participating these last few weeks ... not only is it too cold, and dark for most of the day, but after taking a tumble recently I've not been able to potter about as much as I would normally. And that means I've not been out to pick anything today so I thought I'd post this arrangement from a couple of weeks ago.
It's not a particularly wonderful arrangement but it includes the last of the cream 'Patricia Kent' roses. Our roses have gone on blooming long after what is normal this year. Here we are in the middle of November and Pride of England is still flowering with no hint of giving up yet. Perhaps the the drop in temperature last night - zero degrees - might put a stop to them.
There's a single white dahlia - 'Moulin Rouge' without the rouge. A bit of a mystery that. Neither of the two blooms we got from that tuber were true to the description given or the illustration on the pack. However, as I'm such a failure at dahlia growing any bloom was at bonus. The last of geum 'Mrs Bradsaw 'and crocosmia 'Okavango', though very badly arranged, added a bright autumnal touch to the cream blooms.

The Denby pottery vase the flowers are in is another of my many charity shop finds. I liked the subtle shades of green, the leaf pattern, and the unusual shape. I also like that it came from a Derbyshire pottery - we lived in the High Peak area of Derbyshire for a time so it's nice to have a vase to remind me of the lovely times we had there.

Hopefully, I will be able to join in again next week. Unless, that is, everything is frozen solid by then and the way the temperatures are dropping that would be no surprise at all.

Have a wonderful week whatever the temperature is wherever you are.